Lawyer in Lodz

Attorney Mateusz Zbrojewski Law Firm in Lodz renders professional legal services to individual and business clients which seek ongoing legal assistance.

The Law Firm is based in Lodz city center, on one of the main streets – Piotrkowska Street. Our area of activity involves the entire lodzkie voivodeship as we provide legal representation to our clients before courts, law enforcement, administrative and other authorities in Belchatow, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Pabianice, Sieradz, Zdunska Wola, Lask, Zgierz and others.

In order to expand the accessibility of our services, facilitate the contact and meet our clients’ expectations, attorney Mateusz Zbrojewski launched a branch office of his Law Firm in Belchatow on Lecha i Marii Kaczyńskich 14 Street.

Lawyers in Lodz and Belchatow provide legal services in Polish as well as in English language.

Our services are comprehensive and efficient due to cooperations with local notaries public, court enforcement officers (bailiffs), as well as other lawyers in Lodz and Belchatow.


In order to appoint a meeting with our attorney in Lodz or Belchatow we recommend telephone or e-mail contact. You may also use our contact form below to send your request.
mobile: 792 480 688
tel./fax 42 686 73 01

Law Firm registered office in Lodz:

ul. Piotrkowska 270 lok. 421, IV piętro
90-361 Łódź

Law Firm branch office in Belchatow:

ul. Lecha i Marii Kaczyńskich 14, I piętro
97-400 Bełchatów
Budynek „Ocean”

P T I Tw

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