Advocate Mateusz Zbrojewski Law Firm provides professional legal assistance particularly in following areas of law.

Civil law

  • drafting and advising on legal contracts,
  • legal representation before courts of law (in litigation proceedings),
  • legal representation in enforcement proceedings,
  • debt recovery,
  • claims arising from every type of agreement (i.a. sale, lease, construction works),
  • securing receivables,
  • mortgage proceedings,
  • co-ownership cases,
  • claims regarding promissory notes (bills of exchange)

Compensation/insurance law

  • claims arising from insurance policies,
  • car accident claims,
  • compensatory damages,
  • legal representation before courts of law (in litigation proceedings),
  • legal representation in insurance company proceedings,
  • claims on infringement of personal rights,
  • legal representation of injured party in criminal proceedings

Commercial & corporate law

  • legal representation of entrepreneurs and companies before the courts of law (in litigation proceedings),
  • legal representation of entrepreneurs and companies in enforcement proceedings,
  • drafting and advising on commercial contracts,
  • company registration and incorporation proceedings,
  • commercial debt collection,
  • legal support in trade negotiations

Family and custody law

  • divorce cases,
  • division of spouses’ joint property,
  • alimony (child support and former spouse support) cases,
  • child custody and parental authority cases,
  • adoption procedures,
  • legal incapacitation cases

Inheritance law

  • acceptance and rejection of inheritance cases,
  • retention (legitimate portion) cases,
  • testament invalidation cases,
  • donation cases

Registered office

Kancelaria Adwokacka
Adwokat Mateusz Zbrojewski
ul. Piotrkowska 270 lok. 421
90-361 Łódź

Branch office

ul. Lecha i Marii Kaczyńskich 14
97-400 Bełchatów


tel: 792 480 688
tel./fax: 42 686 73 01

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Kancelaria adwokacka Łódź


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